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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 8: Jacob (all of it!)

I love the question Jacob asks:

4:12 ...for why not speak of the atonement of Christ, and attain to a perfect knowledge of him...?

I am usually pretty good at finding excuses for things--but not this time.

I also really liked the verse right after that where Jacob teaches:

4:13 ...for the Spirit speaketh the truth and lieth not. Wherefore, it speaketh of things as they really are, and of things as they really will be; wherefore, these things are manifested unto us plainly, for the salvation of our souls.

In the past two days' reading, much has been written about the plainness of God's word. Sometimes, it doesn't seem that plain to me. But the more I read, the more I feel the Spirit, and the more I am able to see the plainness of it. I remember a time in high school when I needed to explain something to a teacher who questioned me--he didn't understand our doctrine on works vs. grace. I only understood it enough to know it in my heart, but not to tell him what it meant. I wish I could have had an experience like Jacob:

7:8 But behold, the Lord God poured in his Spirit into my soul, insomuch that I did confound him in all his words.

Next to this scripture I wrote in the margin simply, "Cool!" Very cool.

I love Jacobs concluding thoughts on the story of Sherem:

7:22 Now, this thing was pleasing unto me, Jacob, for I had requested it of my Father who was in heaven; for he had heard my cry and answered my prayer.

Jacob's instructions from Nephi were to write "a few of the things which I considered to be most precious" (1:2) for the "sake of our people."(1:4) That is why he shared this story. I think answers to prayers are one of the most important experiences we can have and recognize in this life. And yet, they are also one of the most difficult at times. Here we can see that they are sometimes miraculous, and completely possible.

Jacob's final words make me happy: he says "and to the reader I bid farewell...Brethren, adieu." For some reason, that that made him real to me, and his words became almost audible.

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