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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4: 1 Nephi 20 - 2 Nephi 4

It's almost 11:00 AM and I haven't done the reading yet today. Only four days into this challenge and there is one thing that is becoming very clear to me: I am blessed when I put first things first. When I start my day reading the scriptures, my whole day is better. It's not that my problems disappear or that I get more hours in my day, but I am more capable, more confident, and more patient. I am able to face the challenges with greater strength and things just seem to go better. Making time for the most important things first is, well, important to me. Especially on a day like today when it seems like nothing is going well. Maybe if I can just get rid of this head ache and enjoy the sunshine a little bit...or maybe if I can just sit down with my scriptures for a few minutes--yeah, scriptures in the sunshine, that is what I need!

I hope you are feeling the blessings of making time for the scriptures.

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Anonymous said...

I loved today's reading, especially the contrast of the will of the spirit against the will of flesh when Lehi is counselling his children. I think I needed that reminder that it is natural to struggle, but that Lord has given us everything we need to succeed.

I hope you were able to find a few quiet moments and a break from your headache. :)