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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 11, 12 & 13: Mosiah 12 - Alma 5

It's crazy when you fall behind one day on this challenge--not to mention two! That was a lot of catching up for me to do. But I got it listening to the recording. It is definitely a different experience to listen rather than read it myself. But listening allowed me to get it done while driving and washing dishes and cleaning my house a bit.

Listening to the scriptures in the car with my two girls was just about as challenging as trying to read the scriptures with them both on my lap! They didn't quite grasp the concept of listening and just wanted to talk the whole time--or listen to their music. However, while listening to the account of Abinad, Sophia started to relate the story of Alma to me. She explained how he hid by a fountain and baptized the people there. Then she said proudly, "I learned that in primary. Sister McOmber taught me!" Hooray for diligent primary teachers! Even though I wasn't able to grasp all of Abinadi's words between the girls in the back and the other cars on the road, I felt the Spirit of the scriptures as we drove along.I will confess, I had to repress feelings of frustration and anger that I couldn't just enjoy listening without so many interruptions and distractions. But I am pretty sure I was blessed to be able to control the rising

A few things about listening to that much scripture all in one day:

You really get to see the fulfillment of prophesy. Each story seems to flow from the mouth of consecutive prophets, the first leading to the next providing proof of the truthfulness of each. It's great!

You also get a sense of the pride cycle that is so often discussed in the church. The rise and fall of the people becomes easily recognizable through the description each prophet gives regarding the state of their hearts, their choices and actions, and their attitude toward God and their brethren.

Listening to the reading assignment on my iPhone later in the evening was just as distracting--with constant distractions from emails and text messages. I've decided that regardless of how you are trying to accomplish this goal--it is going to require dedication and focus. Sometimes it is our own thoughts that deters us, or fatigue, or outside noise and distraction. But whether reading online or listening to the recording or sitting down with the pages in your hand, you really have to focus. Maybe this is another witness of how real Satan is. He works hard to discourage and distract and redirect our thoughts. So daily practice in reading the scriptures is also daily practice in strengthening our own power over Satan--in so many ways!


Dot said...

I haven't had time to read all your posts, Cortney; however, I have really appreciated this challenge and am loving the extra time I have had with the scriptures. I, too, have taken particular notice to the fulfillment of prophecies. This really hit me as I read the story of Abinadi and King Noah this time. Another side note, I have noticed how often prosperity is mentioned when the people "till the land." I was motivated when I read that to keep my garden going! There really are so many blessings that come from having a garden. "Live long and prosper", and happy gardening :)

Megan said...

We were out of town and I've also had horrible headaches, so we did some listening in the car, too. Like you, I got irritated that Noah didn't seem to want me to listen. We got through it somehow. It's funny how many things have come up that have made it hard for me to stick to this, but I'm going to make it! :)