Today is Day 30: Moroni
Tomorrow is a day to start again!

Well, we did it! :)

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Friday, June 10, 2011

DAY 10! We're one-third of the way through!

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This is day 10 of 30. We've made it one-third of the way through the challenge! I'm two chapters behind this morning...but it's the first I've fallen behind yet! I know some of you are right on track, others are struggling to keep up--but so many of you are still with it! I continue to get positive feedback about how much this has helped some of you. Don't be discouraged if you've fall behind! The blessings of reading the scriptures are not limited by adherence to the pace we've set. Keep going, keep reading, keep it up!


Rebecca said...

What amazes me about reading the scriptures for as long I do each day is for that long time I am open to personal revelation from the spirit whether related to what I am reading or not! Just opening the scriptures and your heart allows for answers to your life you didn't even know you were asking until you receive an answer! I am grateful for the prompting that came to me today (although having nothing to do with what I was reading) just because I had my scriptures and heart open and ready to receive!

Paige Kenyon said...

Cortney, I just wanted to say thank you for inviting us to do this challenge with you. I knew this was going to be tough to fit into my schedule, but the blessings I am seeing daily and the strength of the spirit in my life has definitely increased. And for some who are struggling to keep up (I know you mentioned this early on in the challenge) there is free audio of the Book of Mormon to download online. I listen as I run everyday! Or you can listen as you get ready, make dinner, etc.

Cortney said...

Paige--I'm so glad you're enjoying the challenge! I actually just downloaded the whole Book of Mormon audio file a couple days ago too. I will be sad not to have my scriptures marked up as much since I'll be listening rather than reading, but I know it will help me complete the challenge! Thanks for being a part of this. :)