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Friday, May 27, 2011

Using this Blog and other Resources

I hope the features on this blog will make it helpful and easy to use.

On the left side I have included a few links that you may find useful--things like,, and others. As the month progresses, I may add more, and if you have any suggestions, please share them!  I have also included two buttons; one will take you directly to the Book of Mormon on where you can read, download, and listen to the scriptures. I have recently started using the feature called "My Study Notebook" on and I LOVE it! Take some time this weekend to make sure you have a login name and password for and check out the study notebook feature. If you're going to be reading online, this is a wonderful tool for taking notes, highlighting, tabbing, and journaling.

The other button a nice resource called If you click that button, create a user account and set it up for 30 days, you will receive an email every day containing the entire reading assignment each day for 30 days. It also offers other features such as taking notes, sharing your notes or thoughts with friends, and listening to the audio recoding as well. The daily reading assignment is not exactly the same as I have outlined for us here, but it will keep you on track and provide an added benefit of having all the scriptures right there in an email for you. So if getting your scriptures off the shelf when you're already at the computer is too much work--you won't have an excuse!

On the right sidebar, you will find several ways to connect to this blog: become a follower, get emails each time there is a new post (which should be every day), and use the RSS feed however you like it.

There are other features that should help as the month progresses--a search and blog archive, and of course, the reading schedule. The schedule will always appear at the bottom of your screen, so you don't have to wait for my posts each day to see where we are at. And you can also see how big of a chunk you have to accomplish each day, allowing you to prepare for times when you may need to make your own adjustments to fit your schedule.

If there is anything else that would help make this blog more useful for you throughout the month, please leave me a comment and let me know! This is not my  blog--I am just the one getting it started. Once we get started I hope that the daily interaction of reading and posting comments will help us all feel a piece of ownership in this challenge as we do it together.

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Cortney said...

I have been trying to use the study notebook that I mentioned in this post, and for the past couple days it has not been working! I'm kind of sad--I hope they fix it before tomorrow!